Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) Experiential Training/Workshops in Scottsdale, Arizona

Module I – July 24th & 25th, 2020

Module II – November 20th & 21st, 2020

Module III – March 19th & 20th, 2020

Module IV – May 14th & 15th, 2021

ALL MODULES – July 24-25, 2020, November 20-21, 2020, March 19-20, 2021, and May 14-15, 2021


Blueprint to Freedom – Experiential Somatic Trainings/Workshops in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Module I – Introduction – Somatic Tools, Sensory Systems and Development, Body Systems – July  20th and 21st, 2019. 12 CEs.

Module II – Attachment, Childhood Developmental Trauma, and Early Feeding – October 19th and 20th, 2019. 12 CEs.

Module III – The Immune System, Hormones, Glands, Organs, Brain/Body Chemistry, and Diaphragms –  January 25th and 26th, 2020. 12 CEs.

Module IV – Falls and Tripping, Car Accidents, Global High Intensity, Head and Brain Injury, and Bones – April 18th and 19th, 2020. 12 CEs.

Module V – Facia, Tissue Tears, Ligament and Tendons, Surgeries, Organs – July 19th and 20th, 2020. 12 CEs.

Module VI – Poisons, Chemotherapy, Cancer, Lyme Disease, Radiation, and Electromagnetic Field influences – October 17th and 18th, 2020. 12 CEs.

Explanation of Somatic Trainings

My name is Dr. Kim DiRe’. I am a psychotherapist specializing in trauma, attachment, and eating disorders. Most people do not know what I do even when I am having a session with them. I explain it in a short trauma and scientific way of rebalancing the nervous system using the autonomic nervous system responses. This seems as if that is enough of an explanation, because the results of the session are that they report feeling better.

Now, I am offering Somatic Touch Experiential Trainings using my specific touch treatment practice as the focus of the workshops. So now, “What do you do?” “What is Somatic Touch work?” “Why would I want to learn this work and how would I use it with my clients?” Well… here are the answers to those questions and more.

Touch is our first language. We are born into a world of touch without every knowing a word of language. Humans communicate through touch as a way of relaying all kinds of information to another. We often understand touch in the relationship to sensory safety and feeling unsafe as a way to survive, initially, by holding a baby close and relaying that way that they are safe and loved. To the opposite of that, when an infant is born into the world under unsafe conditions such as abdicated to the mothers ingested drug, being stuck in a birth canal, being born and placed for adoption, being born and having medical issues, being born upside down, being born where adults around the infant yell and have negative blaming type of talk, sexual abuse, etc, then the non-touch or maladaptive touch is a breech and the baby feels unloved and unsafe. So, those types of communiques are supportive or non-supportive to an individual. And, the repair of any of those breeches in a preverbal or non-verbal realm including surgeries, intoxication, black outs, disassociation, and in escapable attacks will not be able to be healed through the normal or therapeutic design of talk therapy. Do not get me wrong, talk therapy is much of what I do in my practice. I find it very helpful. But, when sensory issues come up, or non-verbal trauma arises in the system such as attachment issues, talk therapy falls short of being able to connect. When the trauma does not happen in the language and cognitive realm, a non-verbal treatment is very useful. When a trauma or breech of a person or person’s tissue happens in a non-verbal state, then the healing needs to come in a non-verbal state.

Skin receptors, and much deeper tissue such as muscles, tendons, fascia, bones, and even down to our individual cells holds memory of a trauma or dysregulation. The stress on the tissue or cells of a breech of relationship between another or not feeing safe to the point of a life threatening perception (lots of internal perceptions about the world not being safe or threatening takes place early on in a non-verbal state), then, that memory is held in an individual’s tissue. Cognition does not hold that event memory in the brain or while brain function and learning are being developed.

So, I have learned from some of my Somatic Trainings from the beginnings of my psychotherapy work. I started learning how to rebalance the nervous system and healing nonverbal breeches that are held in the human tissue (I can work on animals, too)…so I should just say “tissue”, rather than “human tissue”. And, for over 12 years, I have learned my own, physiological patterns to healing that help my patients so much I now carry a two year waiting list along with a full Monday through Friday practice load with a cancellation list for the week of about 4 to 5 patients. My schedule is full to say the least. My workshops/trainings are created two fold. One is I love the work I do, and two, I need more partnered practitioners helping their patients/clients in this amazing healing process. I have designed a way to take complex information about psychological and physiological shifts in the body and mind. Then, make that information useful and applicable to touch skills for mental health and medical health professionals to use for their patients. I am a physiologist, working with the body to help heal mental and physical issues that plague and block a person’s natural energetic flow of balanced thought, nervous system regulation, healing, and balance. These practices are being shared in my Blueprint to Freedom experiential trainings/workshops. Please join me. I love my work, and love to share the discovery of what I have learned from my courageous patients that have survived different types of trauma.

Confidentiality, Refund, and Cancellation Policies

Confidentiality Policy

All training sessions are confidential in information and experiences shared in the workshops. All training participants are to be under the agreement that what happens in training sessions are not to be disclosed at anytime outside of the training.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

All participants must pay at least 14 days before the first day of a training session. Cancellations 14 days prior to training start date, will receive refunding minus a $75.00 paperwork and preparation fee. Any cancellations prior to the 14-day window will receive 100% of the fee. A no-show or partial show for training/workshops will not receive any refunds or partial refunds. Anytime trainings/workshops are cancelled by the EDTI, all monies will be refunded.

For cancellations, please notify Dr. Kim DiRé.